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Making data-informed Covid-19 testing plans

IDSS’s work on Covid-19 featured by MIT and NIH.

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The Pizza Chucker

Peko weighs in on the aerodynamics of pizza chucking at Fenway: The Legend of the Fenway Pizza Chucker.

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Probability and baseball in the news

“They Tried to Beat DiMaggio. Like Everyone Else, They Failed.” David Waldstein’s great article in the NY Times including probability calculations from the MIT Sports Lab.

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Microscale flows in muscles

“Fluid flow in the sarcomere” by Sage Malingen et. al. has appeared in Archives of biochemistry and biophysics!

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VuMedi Video

Peko talks about viral testing on VuMedi.

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Covid Supply Chain Analogy

A nice Covid supply chain post from the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics based on our work at IDSS.

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Recently, like so may others, we have been turning our efforts to COVID-19. This work has been done as a part of the IDSS-ISOLAT effort which posts updates on our … Continue reading

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Isolating together: What’s Peko doing now?

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Luck, skill, and investing at Money Magazine

Wall Street Wants Fantasy Football Bros to Start Trading Stocks. What Could Go Wrong?

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Skill and Luck on the Score

Nick Faris highlights our work on the Score.

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