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Senior thesis student David Hesslink on the MIT homepage (with a shout out to 2.086!)

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Clams on the weather channel

The Washington Post features Amos’s work to explain viral video on the weather channel.

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Jean Comtet, Kaare H. Jensen, Robert Turgeon, Abraham D. Stroock & A. E. Hosoi. “Passive phloem loading and long-distance transport in a synthetic tree-on-a-chip.” Nature Plants 3, Article number: 17032 (2017) … Continue reading

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Jean Comtet’s tree-on-a-chip in the news. | MIT news | RNZ |

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Fantasy Sports in Nautilus

Nautilus  on skill and luck in fantasy sports.

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Video update

Furry wetsuit news from Wired and MIT.

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Alums in the news

Randy Ewoldt receives PECASE Award!  Way to go Randy!

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