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Super Bowl Startup Pitch Competition

The National Football League (NFL) and the Texas Medical Center (TMC) are hosting 1st and Future, the league’s annual Super Bowl startup competition, on Saturday, February 4, the day before … Continue reading

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Beaver-inspired wetsuits in the works

Hairy surfaces on the MIT Home Page and in other news: | Slate | Surfline | Engadget | TechCrunch | Smithsonian | PopSci | Digital Trends | Spark | | Spectrum … Continue reading

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Hairy wetsuits

Alice Nasto, Marianne Regli, P.-T. Brun, José Alvarado, Christophe Clanet, and A. E. Hosoi. “Air entrainment in hairy surfaces.” Phys. Rev. Fluids 1, 033905 – Published 29 July 2016. | DOI | pdf |

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Deflategate Amicus Brief

Football meets the Ideal Gas Law. | Full Text of Amicus Brief | Huffington Post | CBS Boston |

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Secret of the Slime

More great videos from KQED Science (this one featuring Brian’s RoboSnail!)

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The fantastic fur of sea otters

Informative (and ridiculously cute) video on sea otter fur by Deep Look on KQED Science.

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SEALing in Air

Alice’s bio-inspired wetsuits on inhabitat and  pop sci. (Image by Felice Frankel.)

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