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Sticky gloves

MIT Sports Lab on the front page of the times.

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Self-sealing pumps

Liang, Alvarado, Iagnemma, & Hosoi. “Dynamic sealing using magnetorheological fluids.” Phys. Rev. Applied 10, 064049 (2018)

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Skill vs luck in the news

Fantasy sports in the MIT news: Study: There’s real skill in fantasy sports.

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Home Run Rates in MLB

“Report of the committee Studying Home Run Rates in MLB.” Chaired by Alan Nathan. (Peko chaired the sub-group on ball carry — see the full report for fun data on … Continue reading

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The cutting edge

Sports Lab student and gold medalist Jordan Malone talks to MIT news.

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Slender swimmers

A. J. Wiens and A. E. Hosoi. “Self-similar kinematics among efficient slender swimmers.” J. Fluid Mech. 840, 106-130 (2018).

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Skill and luck in fantasy sports

Daniel Getty, Hao Li, Masayuki Yano, Charles Gao, A. E. Hosoi. “Luck and the Law: Quantifying Chance in Fantasy Sports and Other Contests. ” SIAM Review 60 No. 4, 869-887 … Continue reading

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“By the hairs of their tongues”

| MIT news | featured in Physics |

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Drinking bats

Alice Nasto, P.-T. Brun, and A. E. Hosoi.  “Viscous entrainment on hairy surfaces.” PR Fluids 3 024002 (2018).

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Going for Gold

Our class, 2.S983: Sports Technology: Engineering and Innovation, featured on the MIT homepage!

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