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Slender swimmers

A. J. Wiens and A. E. Hosoi. “Self-similar kinematics among efficient slender swimmers.” J. Fluid Mech. 840, 106-130 (2018). Advertisements

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Drinking bats

Alice Nasto, P.-T. Brun, and A. E. Hosoi.  “Viscous entrainment on hairy surfaces.” PR Fluids 3 024002 (2018).

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Hairy on the inside

José Alvarado, Jean Comtet, Emmanuel de Langre and A. E. Hosoi. “Nonlinear flow response of soft hair beds.” Nature Physics (2017).

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Jean Comtet, Kaare H. Jensen, Robert Turgeon, Abraham D. Stroock & A. E. Hosoi. “Passive phloem loading and long-distance transport in a synthetic tree-on-a-chip.” Nature Plants 3, Article number: 17032 (2017) … Continue reading

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Hairy wetsuits

Alice Nasto, Marianne Regli, P.-T. Brun, José Alvarado, Christophe Clanet, and A. E. Hosoi. “Air entrainment in hairy surfaces.” Phys. Rev. Fluids 1, 033905 – Published 29 July 2016. | DOI | pdf |

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Failure of soft seals

B. Druecke, E. B. Dussan V., N. Wicks and A. E. Hosoi. “Large elastic deformation as a mechanism for soft seal leakage.” J. Appl. Phys. 117, 104511 (2015) | pdf … Continue reading

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On digging

Hosoi & Goldman. “Beneath Our Feet: Strategies for Locomotion in Granular Media.” Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 47: 431-453. (Volume publication date January 2015). First published online as a … Continue reading

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