The Hosoi Group @ MIT

News from TeamPeko

Where are they now


Name Currently @
Qian Bian
Arvind Gopinath
Justin Kao Dropbox, Software Engineer (updated 2013)
Eric Lauga University of Cambridge, DAMPT, Faculty (updated 2013)

PhD Students

Name PhD Year Currently @
Lisa Burton 2013 Adlucent, Data Scientist (updated 2013)
Brian Chan 2009 MIT Hobby Shop, Maker of Anything (updated 2013)
Nadia Cheng 2013 Empire Robotics, Director of Research and Development (updated 2013)
Randy Ewoldt 2009 UIUC, Mechanical Science and Engineering, Faculty (updated 2017)
Sungyon Lee 2009 University of Minnesota, Faculty (updated 2018)
Daniel Tam 2008 Delft University of Technology, Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Faculty (updated 2017)
Dawn Wendell 2011 MIT Mechanical Engineering, Senior Lecturer (updated 2014)
Amos Winter 2010 MIT, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty (updated 2013)
Tony Yu 2010 Enthought, Scientific Software Developer (updated 2013)

(TeamPeko alums, if you have an update on your whereabouts, please let me know!)

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